Pork Myths – why pork IS good for you

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Getting pampered when you are pregnant

One of the most important times in a woman’s life is the time when she is pregnant. The body goes through a zillion changes and emotionally and mentally most women go through More »

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Must follow health tips

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How to Get the Right Scrubs for Your Team

As clothes buying goes, buying scrubs can be a challenge. You want to pick a scrub that goes well with your setting or the work environment but you are also limited by what your employer allows. Then because everyone likes to be unique, you want to pick your own style and color. So at the end of the day, you have several factors to consider before you come up with the right scrub.

Preliminary factors

  • What is acceptable – before you go shopping for scrubs, find out what the employer accepts and what is prohibited. You may have to consult the organizations code of conduct for more information.
  • What others are wearing – scrubs are mostly worn by people working in healthcare facilities including nurses and dentists, veterinarians, pediatric rehab workers, and acute care facilities. In short, you have several other people working at the facility who already have their own scrubs. You don’t want to look too different from the others so it’s wise to check out what these people are wearing and use it as your template.
  • Color – different organizations have different rules regarding colors of scrubs. If you’re only allowed to have a light blue scrub with a white lining around the neck and wrists, you choice will be limited by that. Otherwise you can pick from a wide variety of colors available in the market.
  • Style – just like color, some organizations choose to dictate styles on their scrubs. If this is the case, simply abide by the rules. Otherwise you can choose from a variety of styles as will be discussed shortly.
  • Manufacturer – there is no better way of imposing your personality on a scrub than by purchasing one made by your favorite manufacturer. Popular scrub manufacturers include Landau, Urbane, Cherokee, and Dickies among others.
  • Buy separates – it is recommendable to buy separates as this allows you to take care of the differences between the lower and upper body.

The Selection Process

Basically there are five factors to consider when selecting scrubs.

Cotton scrubs are some of the best you can get your hands on. Not only is the material more comfortable, but cotton is very breathable compared to most synthetics. However, you may also want to check out modern synthetics with dri-release capabilities. They whisk air away from the body and are very soft. For high usage environments, you should consider double-seamed scrubs.

You’ll need to decide whether or not the scrubs need pockets. This may depend on the type of work. If you need pockets, decide how many you want to have and where you want them. Should they be on the chest, waist or on the pants.

Sleeves and Sleeve Style
For warm conditions, you’ll need short sleeves. Cold conditions will require long sleeves or you can go for short tops under long tees. Some sleeves run all the way to the collar while others end at the shoulder; you’ll have to decide which ones are better.

Neck Style
There are several neck styles; u-shape, v-shaped, boat neck, snap front, keyhole etc. V-necks are best for athletic bodies and petites. Boat necks are great for people who will move their upper body a lot, and U-necks and mock wraps will do well for men with hairy chests and ladies with large busts.

It’s important to find pants that fit well. For pear-shaped individuals, try wide legged pants that are dark in color. Full figured males and females will look good in straight legged pants pulled a little above the waistline.

You can never know how well something fits until you’ve tried it on. That includes guys, who mostly seem unwilling to do so in-store. Move and stretch and bend a little to see how comfortable something is.

Many times scrubs won’t fit perfectly. If there are problems such as pants that are too long, you should see a tailor.

car to us

How Do I Source a Car from the US

If you have made the decision to source a car from the US, there are some procedures you should be aware of so that you can successfully import the car to Australia. With the cessation of car manufacturing in Australia predicted to be 2017, sourcing cars from the US will continue growing in popularity. Currently, the desire to seek cheaper cars or models of cars that cannot be purchased in Australia is a driving motivation for importing cars from the US.

Finding the Vehicle

Research is necessary to identify what US car model and type will suit your lifestyle. Once you have chosen a car, you must check if it is listed on the Australian Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicles Scheme (SEVs) if it was manufactured after 1989. If it is not listed, then it will not be eligible for importation into Australia.

How Manufacture Date Affects Importing

If the car you are sourcing was manufactured prior to 1989, it will follow a different scheme to a car that was manufactured after 1989. The Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme (RAWS) is applicable to vehicles that were manufactured after 1989. Therefore, if you are looking at a vintage car, it will have to comply with the Australian Design Rules (ADRs) but RAWS will not be applicable. Thus, sourcing these older cars is a simplified process, which is cheaper in comparison to importing a newer car.

Using an Agent

To simplify the process of sourcing a car from the US, it can be very helpful to approach sourcing agents that are experienced in importing cars to Australia specifically from the US. Weigh up the costs and benefits, keeping in mind the monetary savings of not using an agent. Remember it may be very beneficial to you as they are more knowledgeable in the area of RAWS compliance and have more experience in the car modifications that may be necessary after you have located the car you want.

Author Bio: RAWSCompliance.com.au is your one stop shop for all you need to know if you plan to import a car into Australia.

If you need to know the steps for importing a car into Australia, what models you can bring in under the RAWS scheme or just what the RAWS scheme and RAWS compliance is all about, visit us at RAWScompliance.com.au


limited company

Be your own boss: easing the transition to limited company contracting

When most people think of contracting, it is the limited company variety they are most likely to be aware of. While there are other options available – including employment under an umbrella company – this remains popular as it provides full control over their working lives.

It also holds the most popular benefit of contracting, as it allows limited company contractors to be tax efficient.

However, only those who are not caught up by the IR35 regulation should pursue this working path.

What is IR35?

The IR35 legislation was introduced by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to address the issue of disguised employment.

Its relevance to a particular contractor’s situation is entirely dependent on HMRC’s opinion can be difficult to interpret.

However, it is generally thought that you are likely to be considered to fall inside IR35 if you provide your services personally, are told when, where and how to work by a client client and you are obliged to accept offered work. If this is the case, you should pursue other options.

On the other hand, if you have complete control over these terms of the contract, you may be deemed to be outside of IR35 and may consider operating as a limited company.

What are the tax benefits of setting up a limited company?

As mentioned previously, it is perfectly legal to minimise your tax and National Insurance burden if you choose to operate as a limited company contractor (more information is available here).

In order to take advantage of this benefit, limited company contractors are required to complete a significant amount of paperwork and accounting tasks. Fortunately, assistance is available.

What sort of help should I seek?

While independent accountants may well be able to assist with many of the tasks required, there are a number of accountancy services providers that are dedicated to helping contractors.

These professionals will be able to advise you on salary matters, tax, dividends and allowable expenses.

Expenses is one area that contractors often overlook, but there are a significant number of products and services that you are permitted to claim as allowable expenses, which will further reduce your tax burden.

You can also receive assistance when filing personal and company tax returns, which can be especially daunting for those who have little to no accountancy experience.

Many contractors are forced to clear their diaries for a period to complete such returns on their own, which could potentially cost them a significant amount in lost earnings. This, coupled with the benefit of sound tax and expenses advice, means it can often make more financial sense to utilise the services of a professional than attempt to operate as a limited company contractor without any help.


Tourist Attractions in UK

Tourist Attractions in UK

The UK offers an extensive variety of popular tourist attractions from the Tower of London to the Welsh steam lines. The United Kingdom is one of the 10 most gone to nations on the planet with 30,100,000 entries every year. The greater part of tourists decide to visit the UK throughout the sunny season occasions as it profits from generally mellow summers (the normal temperature is between 14 C and 25 C). A gentle atmosphere makes it perfect for a wide mixed bag of exercises going from touring to sunny shore occasions and from climbing occasions to city breaks. That way you will have the capacity to discover the primary tourist attractions you can visit in the range you are going by throughout your summer break in the UK.


Stonehenge, it is merely to the north involving Salisbury. It is Britain’s most well-known ancient monument involving its most in-demand tourist attractions.
Great hanging rocks ended up placed right here. The actual Bronze Era natural stone bags are apparent nowadays ended up used till the Roman age. A great Targeted visitor Center is home to informative exhibitions, and carries a look and cafe.

The City of Bath
When you just have got time for it to pay a visit to one smaller sized town in theUnited Kingdom, people couldn’t complete greater than Bath. This particular amazingly wonderful town provides far more amazing tourist attractions compared to you might wish to pay a visit to each day. While many well known for the magnificent only two thousand yearold Roman Bathing built across the city’s rejuvenating very hot comes.

It’s just as popular for its honey colored Georgian Townhouses like those situated on Regal Crescent. Several 500 from the city’s houses are considered involving famous as well as system importance, an undeniable fact that’s resulted in the whole town being given entire world traditions rank. Bath tends to make a perfect spot where to examine most of England’s almost all breathtaking countryside, including the Avon Area, your Mendip Hills and plenty of various other amazing Somerset attractions.

Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle offers supported as the summer months house involving UKroyalty given that William your Conqueror built the very first citadel through 1078. The largest inhabited adventure on earth, Windsor Castle is made about a couple of spectacular courtyards, and access costs incorporate entry for the Talk about Apartments closed once the Queens at your home, therefore verify perhaps the noble red flags traveling by air. Likewise involving notice will be the wonderful Great Car Park, a wonderful 6 milong park that the majority of North American website visitors will currently have seen from your atmosphere when they journey in to Heathrow airport. Along with, of course, zero visit to a noble construction will be complete devoid of witness to your Transforming your Guard within the Castle Precincts.

Historic Yorkshire

Though Yorkshire is broken down in to a number of ridings to the north, to the south, West and East Ridings your routine involving mentioning your local through its regular identify works deep in The United Kingdom a routine grabbed through almost all vacationers. Regular Yorkshire features many of the most wonderful historical cities and urban centers in The United Kingdom, which include Durham, Beverley and you are able to with its magnificent half-timbered homes and stores, Middle Ages guildhalls and places of worship, and passionate streets ornamented through 3 mi involving magnificent community walls. You are able to be a great base where to examine your countryside, specifically your solid beauty from the Yorkshire Dales as well as the to the north you are able to Moors.

Cambridge University

The actual old-world allure involving Cambridge is really an enormous sketch regarding visitors to theUnited Kingdom. It is a wonderful and simple daytrip from Liverpool and it is well-known for its college or university because its opposite number in Oxford Cambridge provides your country’s major number of preserved historical houses, much of it clustered about Cambridge University’s thirty-one schools. In addition to its energetic purchasing and dining, Cambridge hosts several superb ethnical activities, including the 800yearold Midsummer Sensible as well as the well-known Cambridge Folk Pageant.

Lake District National park
Addressing a few nine hundred sq.mtz, your Lake District National park is really a must visit desired destination regarding vacationers to the united kingdom Various other attractions include the areas several fells, which include Scafell Pike 3, 210 toes, the biggest mountain in the united kingdom, wonderful small cities and towns like Grasmere, as well as vessel activities across Lake Windermere.

A vehicle with driver licence is required to experience the attractions of UK. It is better to book driving practical test in advance. To book driving practical test is rather an easy task these days. All you need to do is to go online and book for the test in your nearest driving center. In case you got no internet you can decide to book for the test via the post office or by telephone


Pork Myths – why pork IS good for you

Many people refrain from eating pork because of the constant fear that is spread in society claiming pork is unhealthy to consume due to high-fat content, pigs are dirty and eating pork makes people more prone to diseases. Misconceptions about pork will be addressed in this article to help you recognize why pork is actually good for you.

Myth 1: Pigs Are Dirty

Contrary to popular belief, pigs are actually clean animals and the common stereotype that pigs are dirty originated in ancient Egyptian times. Obviously, the environment in which the pig was raised in has a big factor to the cleanliness of a pig. However, behavior-wise, pigs are clean animals and do not cover themselves in their own waste. They are conscious of avoiding sitting in their own waste and cover themselves with mud to cool their bodies down. This behavior occurs because pigs do not have sweat glands, thus bathe in cool water and mud.

Myth 2: Pork Gives You Cancer

There is research that indicates consuming beef, pork and lamb link to an increase in cancer, yet there is limited discussion on other variables that could be affecting this increase. Eating pasture-raised pork will limit your exposure to the injected hormones that a factory raised pig is subjected to. In opposition to this myth, pork actually contains conjugated linoleic acid, which has been suggested to fight cancer.

Myth 3: The Fat in Pork is Damaging to Your Body

Pastured pork contains fats such as saturated fats, which actually are not damaging to your health. In fact, they are essential for your body as it increases the good cholesterol that is needed. They help your body regulate hormone production, digestion and your immunity.

Myth 4: Pigs Eat Anything

The belief that pigs are unsanitary and will eat anything they are given is a myth. The main reason why people have a strong impression that pigs are dirty and eat whatever they find is because pigs are fed decomposed compost food often. This is because their bodies are designed for this and the compost is in fact very healthy, containing lots of fruit and vegetable peel. Pigs refuse to eat processed food with rendered animals within and the scraps they consume contain the highest concentration of vitamins, thus pigs are very healthy and mindful eaters.

Myth 5: Pork is Full of Parasites

Although it is true that pigs can be prone to parasites, the majority of parasites are not bad or harmful. The safest approach to avoiding harmful disease spreading parasites is to cook pork properly, using an acid marinade prior to cooking.

The best way stance to take on the consumption of pork is to find a trustworthy butcher who sources pork from a farm that feeds pigs correctly and subjects them to clean environments. Before you believe the widespread myths about pork, you should do your own research so you do not miss out on eating pork under false pretenses.

Author Bio:

The Meat Boutique offers a wide range of beef, lamb, chicken, pork and game cuts as well as fruits and vegetables to the Sydney metropolitan area. Free delivery is offered for orders over $100.

They specialise in corporate meat orders and can cover all your bbq requirements including fundraising, school and corporate BBQs. Find out more and order your meat online in Sydney, visit: themeatboutique.com.au



Getting pampered when you are pregnant

One of the most important times in a woman’s life is the time when she is pregnant. The body goes through a zillion changes and emotionally and mentally most women go through plenty of new experiences which can be stressful and happy at the same time. Considering the fact that pregnancy is a special time, it calls for immense pampering as well. And one of the best ways in which to get pampered is to opt for a pregnancy massage in Brisbane!

Why a massage?
There is no denying the fact that the history of prenatal and postnatal massage goes back several centuries. While there are different types of massages, Thai massage is immensely popular when it comes to pregnancy because it believes in the gentle application of pressure on specific points in the body.

Thai massage also goes back to around 2500 years and therefore when you go in for pregnancy massage, you are going to enjoy:
• Being part of an ancient experience,
• Gentle ministrations by trained and qualified and sensitive therapists,
• Relaxing in a very unique manner,
• The application of specific aromatherapy and beneficial oils and
• Overall well being for your body, mind and soul.

Finding a spa in Brisbane
Before you submit yourself to the benefits of a Thai massage, do ensure that you tell the therapists that you are pregnant. This is especially important when you are in your early stages. The therapists should be qualified and capable of handling your unique requirements. Such qualified and capable therapists can be found in I Do Thai Massage where they use some extraordinarily gentle products and equally gentle pregnancy massage techniques to take care of your body.

Benefits of pregnancy massages
Whether it is prenatal or postnatal massages, there are plenty of benefits to be had when you go in for a massage given to you by a qualified therapist. Some of the main benefits are:
• Reduction in anxiety because there is an alteration in your hormone levels,
• Better capability of dealing with depression,
• Relief in muscular aches and joint pains,
• Better ability to deal with labor pains,
• Better cardiovascular health,
• Enhancement of the baby’s health and even
• Improvement to your blood circulation and lymphatic systems

All of which simply means that you enjoy detoxifying your body and getting ready for the change in your life. Obviously, when your body, mind and soul have been taken care of by the unique benefits offered by Thai massage then you look forward to all the changes that pregnancy and a new baby will bring to your life. You can deal with the various requirements easily and without getting stressed out.

There is absolutely no denying the fact that a happy body means a greater capability to deal with pregnancy. So whether you are having a baby for the very first time or you have been through pregnancy before, getting regular massages can help you deal with many things in life. Checking out the services at I Do Thai Massage may be one of the best things that you can do while you are pregnant.

curling tong

5 Major Historical Facts about Curling Iron

The use of best curling iron has a long history to go. We will look at few facts about such iron in this article.

Since ancient time people were very conscious about styling their hairs. Both men and women thought extremely high about themselves while developing different hairstyles required for a particular occasion. The designing of hairs with different styles were considered to b major part for drawing an appeal among the masses. Men used to curl their hair and beard to make themselves feel chivalrous and women used to curl their hair for a sense of pride. In present day, we use the best curling iron to get different hair curls for styling purpose.

We will go through the five major historical facts about the best curling iron

  • Invention of curl iron
  • Appearance of these irons
  • Usage of curling irons
  • Introduction of electric curl irons
  • Present outlook of curling irons

Invention of curl iron
The use of curl iron can be traced back to the ancient ages of Egyptians, Babylonians and Greece. The actual inventor of curl iron was Hiram Maxim who invented the device in 1866. Another school of thought said that Marcel Grateau and Maurice Lentheric used hot air drying method and a set of curling tongs to create Marcel waves in 1870.

Appearance of such irons
In earlier days, people used curling tongs to curl their hairs. The curling tongs were heated on a red hot charcoal bed or kerosene lamp and then they were glided through the hair. In this type of curling treatment, the temperature of the tongs could not be controlled. Therefore, in some cases it resulted in excessive drying and damaging of hair.

Usage of curl iron
After heating an iron with the traditional methods, beautician used to wrap a tuff of hair around the curl iron until the curl was set. Then they would repeat the process along the entire length of the hair.

Introduction of electrical curl Iron
A French company named BaByliss introduced the first electric curl iron in 1959. The new device made people to curl their hair with ease. There are several effective ways to get different hair styles with such device.

Present outlook of curl irons
The modern curl iron comes in various shapes and sizes. To get a particular type of hair curl, you have the option to choose the right barrel size. The size of the barrel ranges between 0.5 inches to 2 inches in diameter.

We have gone through the historical facts of curl irons. The present day’s best curling iron products are safe to curl your hair.



Certification and standards for rough diamonds

Buying a gemstone of any kind is something that ought to be done extremely carefully. This is because it involves:

  • The correct assessment of its value
  • Ability to look into its ownership and legality and even
  • Ability to judge the authenticity of the gemstone.

When it comes to authenticity, one of the toughest things to assess are rough diamonds. This is because in its unpolished form, a diamond can often look like any ordinary crystal. It is only the trained eye that can look into things like its shape, its potential and even its true weight to assess whether it is worth it or not. Another thing that you can look into are the various kinds of certifications and standards that get applied to uncut diamonds.


Kimberly Process Certification Scheme

This certification process came into being because of the work done by the United Nations. Basically, the process results in ensuring that conflict diamonds or gemstones that have been mined from countries ravaged by war, do not find their way into mainstream markets.

Controversies and debates aside, this certification process has indeed become a pretty widely accepted standard. Therefore, if you are planning to purchase rough diamonds from a reputable vendor, you can certainly find out whether he is adhering to this Kimberly process or not.


Buying from well established companies

There are some extremely well established companies in the global market. It may be a very good idea to buy rough diamonds from them as well. This is simply because such companies will:

  • Host sales of uncut diamonds every year
  • They allow their buyers to actually check out the stones before purchase
  • Follow all due legal processes as far as the diamonds are concerned and
  • Will adhere to ethics of business because their reputation depends on.


Export and import

If you are planning to buy rough diamonds and require to either export or import these gemstones, you need to look into the process extremely carefully. Each country has its own standards when it comes to exporting and importing uncut diamonds. For instance, you will require a Canadian Kimberley Process Certificate if you are exporting these diamonds from Canada. You can easily find details of such official requirements in government websites of most countries.

This will include details on:

  • Eligibility criteria
  • Processes of applications
  • Documents to be furnished in order to get your licenses and so on.


Keeping up with the news

It is an extremely good idea to watch the various news headlines when it comes to the trade in rough diamonds. It can give you the opportunity to maximize your investment. For instance, very recently, the Reserve Bank of India relaxed a few of the norms with regard to the import of rough diamonds. So if India is one of the marketplaces that is important to you, then this news can have immense amount of bearing on your trade.

It is extremely useful to keep up with the changing legal landscape and standards and certifications when it comes to raw diamonds. This will ensure that not only are you picking up perfectly legal gemstones but are also able to sell them for a good profit.



Five Golden Rules of Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting is a highly skilled job, and requires builders and contractors to follow safe practices during the process. There are many safe practices and operating procedures that need to be kept in mind while undertaking such a project.

Dust management

Concrete cutting can generate a lot of dust and silica waste that could be present in sand or mortar. These contaminants can cause serious health hazards, including silicosis, which affects the lungs. One of the best ways to manage dust is using wet cutting techniques and local exhaust ventilation which removes dust at the source itself.

Protective gear

One of the golden rules of concrete cutting is to ensure that construction workers wear the right protective gear, from eye wear to ear plugs. Clothes that are easily washable or disposable should be ideally chosen. Gloves and shoes with a steel cover in the toe region are a must for onsite safety.

Use of electric tools

In case electric equipment is being used, care should be taken to ensure there is adequate grounding. The tools should be properly insulated, and using the wet cutting method here is an obvious no-no.

Watch out!

Also, when you are operating the saw, you should keep a close watch on the angle of rotation. Keep away from the arc of rotation for reasons of safety because sometimes, rotation of the tool could take you by surprise. This is particularly true of hand-held saws where the operator of the tool could lose control of it, resulting in a grave injury sometimes.

When it comes to working with your tool at an elevation, ladders should not be used. Instead, stable platforms should be built so you can stand on them firmly with your equipment.

Handling interruptions

If you have to attend to an urgent task or take a call while concrete cutting, you should ensure that the tool is switched off completely, avoiding possibilities of any sort of injury.

Author Bio:

Diacore is a highly specialised concrete sawing and core drilling service. We pride ourselves in being the specialist concrete cutters in Sydney. We have the expertise to complete unusual and difficult projects within a controlled environment that have specific constraints, such as time, access, engineering and location.

Find out more about our specialised and high quality concrete cutting in Sydney by visiting our site: www.diacore.com.au


solar pools

Pros and Cons of Solar Pool Heating

If you want to extend your swim season and utilize the most economically attractive option when it comes to heating your pool, solar pool heating is the right option for you. Especially if you compare it to systems that use propane gas or electricity, solar pool heating is more economical over the life of the system. However, there is no one ‘perfect’ system, we will look at some of the pros and cons of solar pool heating.

Pro – Solar pool heating is affordable

When people think of solar power, they still have the price range of about two decades ago in their head. The days of solar power being three times as expensive as a gas pool heater are gone. You no longer have to worry about a massive initial investment when it comes to solar pool heating.

Pro – It is eco-friendly

If you are worried about the environment, solar pool heating is the right option. You reduce the number of emissions caused by the production and consumption of fossil fuels. If you want to enjoy your pool with a clear eco-conscience, solar pool heating is the best way to go.

Pro – They are low maintenance

Solar pool heaters are extremely low maintenance, especially if we compare them to gas pool heaters. There are no moving parts, no circuits, no controls, and no internal wiring to worry about with solar pool heating. That is why solar pool heating can last a long time. Because you have so little to wear out or break, solar pool heaters are extremely reliable. Solar power provides you with the cleanest, safest, and quietest source of energy.

Pro – You are cutting down on costs

While being good to the environment is one thing, being good to your wallet is another. Especially if you are in a location with plenty of natural sunlight, you are going to see your overall energy costs drop drastically. You are no longer subject to the price increases from electric and gas companies either. You know that your costs are going to remain at a minimum.

What are the possible drawbacks?

As we stated before, there is no ‘perfect’ system. If there are several heavily overcast or rainy days, solar pool heating may not be able to maintain the temperature accordingly. If you want uninterrupted temperatures, you may need to have additional heating options to make sure that you still get to heat your pool. Alternative, if you want an unusually warm pool temperature, you may need some additional ‘boost’ that solar power might not be able to provide by itself. However, if you compare that to all those amazing benefits, that somehow does not seem like quite as big a problem does it?

Author Bio:

Zane Solar Pool Heating offers a range of pool heating solutions from solar pool heating that harnesses to gas heaters.

Custom designed for residential, commercial and Olympic size swimming pools, Zane Solar Pool Heating’s integrated pool heating options include heat pumps and gas pool heating as well as pool covers.

All systems are independently tested to meet exacting Australian Standards.

For more information or to find your nearest dealer visit: http://www.zanesolar.com.au